Street Angels

What is a Street Angel?

A Street Angel is an artist, an activist, a creator who is IN the World (STREET) but not OF the World (ANGEL). We are instinctive, empathetic, resilient, thoughtful, powerful, mysterious, dangerous, loving and can move at the speed of thought.

What do Street Angels do?

Street Angels change lives/worlds by first changing themselves into positive, fearless creators. We make things happen, we build things up, we open doors for ourselves and others. We live without doubt and fear…we LOVE.

Street Angels Books

Ray Shell is an internationally published author whose debut novel ICED is being produced by LEE DANIELS with a screenplay by MENNO MEYJES.

In 2013, Ray published SPIKE LEE: THE ETERNAL MAVERICK on his own imprint STREET ANGELS BOOKS.

We are now looking for writers… any age, color or size with a unique writing voice that speaks the dirty truth of our human and inhuman condition. If you have a hot manuscript,  FIRST… make a copy of your original manuscript then put your ORIGINAL manuscript in a bank vault OR mail it back to yourself… DON’T OPEN IT OR BREAK THE SEAL… the post date on the envelope of your sealed manuscript will act as a Copywrite for your manuscript until you register it properly at a Writers guild… once you’ve received your mailed ORIGINAL manuscript in the post, only then email a copy of it to us:               

If yours is a story we can fall in love with, then we will publish it on our Street Angels Books imprint.